Major Arcana

Inner Journey Oracle

Inner Journey Oracle was a project that I spent more than six years creating. Each card was created by cutting out pictures from magazines, assembled to portray the meanings of the Rider tarot deck and glued onto backgrounds. Next I scanned each image and wrote my interpretation of the meanings of the cards. Inner Journey Oracle is an art project and will not be reproduced.

Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey
Inner Journey

Short History of Tarot Cards

Although you are probably familiar with the tarot and tarot card readings, did you know that tarot cards were originally based on everyday playing decks? The first know tarot card deck was created for an Italian family and dates back to 1450. The earliest decks were hand painted and therefore unaffordable to the average person. Only after the printing press was invented mass production began and cards became more readily available.

The original purpose of the cards was for playing fames, the most popular game called “Tarock”. As the images became more mystical, mystics began to use the cards for fortune telling in the 18th and 19th centuries. Certain pictures represented life themes and the cards gradually developed into what they are today.

The original purpose of the cards was for playing games, the most popular game called “Tarock”. As the images became more mystical, mystics began to use the cards for fortune telling in the 18th and 19th centuries. Certain pictures represented life themes and the cards gradually developed into what they are today.

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Major Arcana

0         The Journey


0 The Journey


The Journey card indicates a young man is about to embark on an adventure others may deem as foolish and even crazy. Having discarded all that is unnecessary he has discovered the meaning of true freedom with no limitations. Refusing to be held back by the problems and difficulties life throws his way he enthusiastically begins his exciting expedition. Full of optimism, he is ready to learn the karmic lessons of this incarnation. His little dog guides him along and trusts him to make the right moves along the way. The eagle flying overhead is a symbol of freedom as are the colourful butterflies that guide him as he leaps with great joy from one peak to the next. 

The Journey card is encouraging you to follow your heart instead of allowing others’ opinions to influence your choices. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and to do what you love no matter how foolish your impulses may seem. You are being shown that true freedom is achieved when you break old habits and childhood conditioning and willingly walk away. Enjoy every moment and trust that you are in the right place at the right time.

As you begin your journey of self-discovery, you have faith that infinite possibilities and new experiences await you on your chosen path of personal growth. You may be facing a major decision in your life so be prepared to walk away from an unfulfilling career or an unhappy relationship in order to pursue something new. When one door closes, another will open and new opportunities will be offered. Each experience is a gift from the Universe with unlimited potential inherent in every moment. 


When reversed, the Journey card indicates clinging to limiting patterns of action, fear of the future and a lack of trust in what the Universe has to offer. Caution may be holding you back from an opportunity because you are afraid to take risks. Patterns dictated by early conditioning may compel you to remain in an unfulfilling career or unhappy relationship. You are not ready to make the required changes to pursue your dreams. Just remember that security doesn’t bring happiness and money doesn’t buy love. Take a leap of faith, expand your horizons and break free.

1         The Magician


1 The Magician



The Magician stands behind a table set with symbols of the elements at her disposal, the cup of emotion, the sword of discrimination, the pentacle of wisdom and wealth, and holds in her hand the wand of energy. She has the power to utilize her tools to their full potential. Utilizing her intention and imagination, she taps into cosmic energy to bring higher wisdom down to a practical level to use for creative purposes. She displays commitment, wisdom and power as she demonstrates the discipline needed to translate her ideas into action.

Drawing down the powers of the Universe, the Magician casts her spell. Her skills appear magical at times as she uses her ability to focus with single minded determination. She acts as a lightening rod, pointing her wand into the Divine for inspiration as she manifests exactly what she wants in her life. The Magician is a master of her own destiny.

This card is about energy, intention and focus. You are getting in touch with and trusting your intuition. There is something you must accomplish and you are discovering potential skills and creative abilities while listening to your inner guide. Everything is energy including the thoughts which are sent out into the universe. Because you have the ability to manifest your desires, you can acquire all the power you need in order to achieve your goals. Visualize a clear mental picture of what you want, focus on the outcome and send the intention out to the Universe to become a reality. If you put your whole heart into it and have faith, the Universe will take care of the rest. Prepare for change and look for opportunities to use your talents to their full potential.


When reversed, the Magician may indicate a lack of discipline and focus which may translate into feelings of failure and inadequacy. You may feel uncertain about what to do next in your life or which interests to pursue. Remember that you have the wisdom and the tools to realize your full potential to manifest exactly what you want in your life. The key to unlimited creativity is to believe in yourself, claim your rightful power and act with awareness and concentration.

2         The Moon Goddess


2 The Moon Goddess



The Moon Goddess is a mysterious woman of great intuition, psychic abilities and inner illumination. She symbolizes wisdom of the great unknown, and all we are unable to perceive. She guards vast amounts of ancient knowledge contained in the sacred scroll as she sits between twin pillars that represent the gateway to the unconscious. The crystal ball represents the clarity that comes from transcending the dualities. Often when too many voices are pulling us in different directions, confusion is a reminder to seek silence and listen to our inner voice. Your intuition is sending you a message so pay close attention to the dreams and synchronicities in your life. Focus and surrender to the wisdom within you; remember who you really are and discover your unlimited potential. 

As the feminine component of the subconscious mind, the Moon Goddess balances masculine energy with feminine, yin with yang and darkness with light. The crescent moon guides her as she illuminates the darkness of the night like a brilliant ray of light coming from the cosmos above. Become conscious and accept your shadow, work with it and look beyond the obvious to what is hidden, and its powers will be revealed to you. Through shadow work you will be able to achieve harmony between the spiritual and the mundane. Without balance there can be no power.

If you have an important decision to make, the Moon Goddess will guide you so be alert and receptive to inner messages, and the answer will be revealed. The Moon Goddess will guide you as long as you are willing to venture into the depths of the unknown to discover the wisdom hidden within your subconscious mind. All that you need to know already exists within you. 


When reversed, the Moon Goddess indicates a lack of understanding or insight of the situation. Someone may have withheld important information from you so you must delve deeper. You may know something but are unaware of it. Or you may not be receptive to what your intuition is trying to show you, and therefore unable to see the situation clearly. The answer remains hidden and confusion is indicated. Focus your attention and look for hidden messages the answer will become clear. Once you are able to see the natural rhythm in everything, you will simply ‘know without knowing’.

3          Fertility


3 Fertility





The Fertility card represents the earth mother as birth and motherhood in all forms. She symbolizes the creative power depicted as the life force that gives birth to all creation as well as the birth process itself. The Fertility card also represents abundance, fulfilment, pleasure and material rewards, as it guides you to seek innovative creative possibilities.

She is waiting to harvest what she planted in a prior season. Your circumstances have improved by using your wisdom and strength. Birth, marriage, wealth, or a new career or creative project is suggested with this card. The need for harmony in your life is strong as is the need for love and affection; emotional security is high on your list of priorities at this time. Projects you have undertaken will reach fruition and plans will be realized. Remember that abundance goes with a generous and open spirit.

This card encourages you to connect with nature and Mother Earth. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments and others for theirs. Nurture and care for others and yourself and welcome abundance as you embrace and enjoy life’s bountiful goodness. If your new romance, career, business or creation is to grow into all it can be, you must provide it with a supportive environment and be willing to allow it to take those first steps when it is ready. Most of all, like any good mother, you must learn patience and loving care as all things need time to grow.


When reversed, the Fertility card may indicate possessive or controlling tendencies. You may be having difficulty letting go of a child or a new project or creation may not be working out as planned. Your impatience with the process may be blocking the use of your inherent gifts and therefore may contribute to your inability to reach your full creative potential. Slow down, cultivate patience, enjoy the creative process and it will all come together in due course.

4         Leadership


4 Leadership



The Leadership card represents worldly power, logic and ambition to make ideas real in the world. It is the symbol of masculine power, independence and confidence in any chosen field. Natural Leadership abilities are utilized to guide others as the wise manager who maintains control that others willingly follow yet also readily listens to the opinions of others. A solid foundation is created which is ruled with intelligence and enthusiasm. At home the father guides his children with love and respect.

This card is about structure, order and regulation in a world where trains are on time, games are played by the rules, and leaders are respected. In chaotic situations, organization leads to loose ends being tied up and wayward elements harnessed. Success and wealth are the result of intelligent Leadership and goals are soon realized.

Recognize and appreciate how you utilize your strengths and self-discipline and use logical reasoning when evaluating your immediate situation. You are in control, your position is stable and you have followed your passion. This is a good time for you to take on additional projects or a leadership role that involves more responsibility. Guidance and Leadership may come from a father figure or someone you see as influential.


When reversed, the Leadership card may indicate self absorption, impatience and tyranny. Your refusal to compromise may limit your ability to succeed. You may be exhibiting excessive control and domination over others or, alternatively, a demanding and unreasonable father figure or employer may be causing you to feel powerless. Perhaps you are simply feeling restless and discontented with boring responsibilities. Reclaim your power and become the natural leader you are meant to be.

5         The Priest


5 The Priest



The Priest is a wise teacher and holy man, someone whose purpose is to bring the spiritual down to earth to help guide you in our spiritual quest to find a deeper meaning in your life. When things are going wrong he offers practical advice. He is full of esoteric and occult knowledge, someone who offers clarity and holds the key to transformation and the mysteries of life. The issues about your beliefs and what is right and wrong for you personally are of great importance now. You may be struggling against conformity that is not free spirited. Conforming to the rules and doing what is expected is not for you.

Sometimes we feel trapped by someone or something but in reality we have created the situation ourselves by denying what we really want or who we really are. If you are struggling to be true to yourself, it can be very therapeutic to seek the comfort and understanding of someone you trust to be able to express your thoughts and feelings to.

The Priest’s ancient knowledge will guide you to seek your own truth as you question authoritarian dogma. Guard yourself against anything unkind, illegal or immoral as what you do must be seen to be right by your own inner voice. You cannot totally follow the physical path, what you seek will come, but you must be patient. Re-evaluate your standards in terms of higher principles and consider that the true source of inner strength comes from awareness of your divine origin.


When reversed, the Priest indicates the tendency to cling to outdated ideas and principles or rebelling against such belief systems. Possibly you are up against an unbending traditionalist who is unreasonable and dogmatic. Structure that controls and hinders instead of supporting your growth is a possibility. You may be receiving bad advice from a corrupt lawyer, an inept counselor or a needy friend. Inability to connect with your higher self and a lack of trust in your intuition are also indicated. Remember that you know how to solve your problems, it may not be easy but it is possible if you are true to who you really are. The solution is there if you accept the responsibility of forming your own original ideas.

6          The Lovers


6 The Lovers



The Lovers card symbolizes the unity of two souls sharing one heart. The urge for union is powerful and this card represents both sexual attraction and relationships based on deep love. Union in its highest form takes us beyond ourselves through harmonizing the dualities of inner and outer life. More than just the relationships between people, the Lovers also draw together any two entities whether people, ideas, events, movements or groups.

A loving union with another can increase your understanding of yourself as ‘me’ becomes ‘we’. Love and commitment offer significant potential for growth; however, first you must have a relationship with yourself. As you integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, you’ll feel complete, confident and capable of relating to another with openness and sincerity.

As well, the Lovers could imply a moral or ethical crossroads where all options need careful consideration as the decision may change the course of your life. Choice means responsibility so be aware of the consequences of the choices you make and do not leap blindly. Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart even if it means going against anyone who is urging you in another direction.


The reversed Lovers card may indicate that something is preventing two halves from being united and becoming one. It may be the inability to make a decision for the right reasons or that the intuition needed to recognize the decision that will lead to unity is missing. There may be a struggle between commitment and flirtation. Choosing instant gratification over loving commitment may result in the inability to find a meaningful relationship. This card may also indicate the breaking up of an existing relationship. It might be a family, a couple or a company, neither of which is as strong on its own as when it was unified and whole.

7          Movement


7 Movement



The Movement card symbolizes the strength to overcome challenges, to take control of the situation and to proceed through struggles with focused determination. Instead of denying your instincts, you will be able to use them to direct your activities. This card represents the positive aspects of the healthy ego, one that is strong and self-assured. Move forward with confidence through times of challenge and victory will be yours. You have the power and the skill to accomplish what you want. Your success comes from beating the competition to become number one. Such moments are glorious in the right circumstances.

The Movement card often appears when self-discipline is needed in high action sport where a high degree of skill and determination is required. This card can mean self-control or control of the environment. Movement and travel are indicated, either a physical journey or one of spiritual discovery. You create your own destiny and you have full control of the situation.

You are being helped to consider opposing viewpoints of a situation. You become aware of the range of emotions and experiences available to you and the choices you can make. Identify past experiences that have helped you develop the determination to solve problems. Recognize and listen to your inner wisdom and you will succeed.


When reversed, the Movement card may indicate lack of flexibility in movement, spinning your wheels or moving in the wrong direction. Perhaps there is a conflict of interest between moving on or staying with the present situation. You may have the means to win but lack the confidence required to forge ahead with your true destiny. Recognize that you are wasting your energy when you use unnecessary force and pressure to get your way. Seek another approach; will power alone cannot always sustain you. It is time for you to prove your abilities and in so doing prove yourself. Bring unresolved tensions under control.

8          Strength


8 Strength




Strength indicates a triumph of love over hate, compassion over cruelty and awareness over ignorance and fear. The Strength card normally suggests physical strength but there is also inner strength which comes from strength of character. Determination, courage and composure help us endure when times are tough.

Reliability, patience and compassion will see you through the darkest moments. If others are driving you crazy, remember that love comes with strength. Lashing out is easy during confrontations but staying calm in the middle of it all takes inner strength, as does acceptance and forgiveness.

The Strength card appears when its qualities are needed. It will remind you not to despair or give up. Recovery from illness may be indicated, your strength has returned and you have the inner strength to endure and triumph. Now is the time to put your plans into action with courage and strength of mind. With your strong spiritual nature you have learned to ‘tame the beast’ as you allow your power to rise from within. Nothing can stop you now; you are determined to succeed.


When the Strength card is reversed, overwhelming circumstances are indicated. Weakness and overindulgence has overcome you and your courage to face life appears to have failed. Lack of confidence that the situation can be overturned leaves you feeling frustrated and angry. Facing reality will clarify any disturbing influences. Obstacles can never be overcome if you lack moral or spiritual strength. When you understand this you will be able to reclaim your inner strength and triumph over adversity.

9         The Seeker


9 The Seeker




The Seeker represents the desire to turn away from a chaotic consumer driven society to focus on inner stillness through meditation and spiritual reflection. Sitting on a rock far away from civilization she surveys her surroundings as she listens to her inner voice. She realizes the answers she seeks will come only with solitude.

There comes a time in life when the soul begins to search for deeper meaning and requires a period of reflection to think things through without distraction. We sense that there is more to reality while we begin a solitary quest for the truth and find that answers do not lie in the external world but in ourselves. The Seeker will help you to find the answers you seek to uncover during your search for truth. You must create within yourself a still centre to maintain balance.

You may receive help from a wise teacher, someone who will guide you on your spiritual quest. Be patient, evaluate your beliefs and reassess your goals before proceeding further. By being disciplined and exploring your subconscious you can expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Stripping away all diversions from the past can shed new light on your present situation.


When reversed, the Seeker may warn of excessive isolation, inactivity or antisocial tendencies. It could stand for loneliness, stagnation or an inability to ask for assistance. Too much resistance or lack of communication may be creating the tension you are experiencing within yourself. Do not allow your ego to get control of your common sense. Take some time to think things over and change the way you look at your outer circumstances. Get involved in life again and things will begin to look better.

10       Wheel Of Destiny


10 Wheel of Destiny



The Wheel of Destiny is contained within the fixed elements of the universe and is divided into the four elements of air, fire, earth and water and the twelve signs of the Zodiac at the centre of the cosmic wheel. Cosmic order and constant change are indicated, like a circle with no beginning and no end where all that ever remains unchanged is change itself. The cycles of growth and self awareness continue to evolve between birth, life, and death. These are part of the lessons we chose when we incarnated into this life.

The Wheel represents the creative aspects of our lives, destiny, luck, karma, time, and unexpected events of each new day. One day you may experience a run of good luck and feel you are in control of your life; however, the next day you may turn around to find yourself surrounded by chaos. If you are experiencing a loss, remember that nothing is permanent and this too shall pass. The Wheel keeps turning so today’s misfortune may be tomorrow’s windfall. The rotation of events may seem random but there is a reason for everything. Consider life’s ups and downs to be spiritual lessons you have chosen and learn to go with the flow.

You are being encouraged to take responsibility for your destiny. Determine how past events affect present attitudes and behaviour and be optimistic when life appears to spin out of control. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself taking an unexpected turn in a completely different direction that you had not anticipated. You have the strength to adapt to new circumstances.


When reversed, the Wheel of Destiny may indicate feeling ‘out of control’. Others may be attempting to control you or somehow hold you back due to their own insecurity. Perhaps a bad gamble has caused a temporary set-back or you may feel stuck in a particular area of your life. Remember that this is only temporary and learn to accept life’s unexpected twists and turns. Be optimistic and continue to consult your inner wisdom while you pursue your journey of discovery. Tomorrow luck will once again turn in your favor. Stay alert and recognize unexpected opportunities, even in seemingly negative situations and become attuned to the natural cycles of life.

11        Justice


11 Justice



Justice indicates fairness and clarity in thinking. The higher mind is coming into play and all emotion is put aside. Justice shows the cycles of life, the mystery of karma, cause and effect, and how perfectly they balance. In the passage of time what goes around comes around. The cause you set in motion at one time is now returning to you as an effect.

This is a time to achieve a balanced mind through logic and reason. Decisions are to be made and good advice may be given which you should reflect upon before acting. Act with integrity and accept responsibility for your life and for the consequences of your actions. The past will continue to haunt you if you do not recognize mistakes and make amends. You will need to weigh both sides of an issue before making an important decision. Justice reminds you that life is ultimately fair and just. Even though the unpredictability of day-to-day life tends to make us doubt this fact, there is divine balance.

A court case may be involved; the outcome may not be the one sought but it will be fair. It is not about punishment but about fairness. The sword suggests cutting out waste and doing whatever is necessary to bring about balance, no matter how difficult. The scales symbolize the balancing of opposing forces and alignment of duality, balance between the heart and the mind. It is only discrimination that takes us above duality.


When reversed, Justice indicates injustice, unfairness and lack of balance. You may be dealing with dishonesty from others or you are unwilling to be honest with yourself in which case you will miss the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of yourself and your life. It is clear that things are not balanced and you are getting too much or too little of what you need. Do not allow this unfairness to act as an excuse for denying your responsibility for what happens to you. Accept that you may experience injustice, harsh or unfair judgment by others and that these experiences can result in possible loss. Be willing to make adjustments.

12        Surrender


12 Surrender



Surrender represents paradoxes, certain truths that are contradictory and hidden in their opposites. This card creates a reversal in your way of life as you begin to understand that the answer lies within. Spiritual awareness is obtained by giving up control and surrendering to a higher wisdom; therefore the best approach may not always be the most obvious. When we want to force our will on someone, we should let go, when we want to have our own way, we should sacrifice, and when we want to proceed, we should retreat. Ironically, when we make contradictory moves, we may find what we are looking for.

The best opportunities can often be found when you open up your mind, reflect upon the situation, and wait for a new vision to arise. By letting go and being present time is suspended and the struggle ends. Changes have been set in motion and although you have yet to see any evidence, be patient and the results will soon become clear. Use this time to gain a new perspective and see things from a different point of view. At this time it may be better to do nothing than to spring into action just for the sake of it.

In order to find inner peace, you may need to consider a new approach. Surrender is about transitions and turning points. When you see things from another’s point of view you undergo an expansion of consciousness. Decide whether to continue following the same path or alter your thinking and turn in another direction. Everything looks different from a reversed position.


When reversed, the Surrender card may indicate refusal to let go of control. Inability to let go of outdated beliefs and failure to see the situation from a different perspective may result in feeling as if you are taking one step forward and two steps back. You may be waiting for someone else to make a move, thereby avoiding the issue or playing passive aggressive power games for personal gain. The Surrender card challenges you to make every effort to make adjustments and sacrifices in order to gain the improvements you seek.

13        Transformation


13 Transformation



The Transformation card also symbolizes changes brought about through transformation from one life form to another, for example, the stages of the Monarch butterfly, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and, finally, the adult butterfly. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues indefinitely on all levels. Each moment is a ‘death’ to the present so the future can unfold. In order for growth to occur, the outworn must die to give birth to the new. The skull represents death of the outworn body before rebirth can occur as the raven provides guidance through the unknown.

The Transformation card symbolizes endings and new beginnings. It compels us to release what has outlived its relevance. The break-up of old patterns, relationships or other situations may indicate great transformative changes are about to happen. Life may have become unbearably dull yet fear prevails because initiating change means relinquishing the illusion of security. Change is inevitable when the cycle of meaningless activity is broken.

This is the time to let go of all that is no longer useful and look forward to new opportunities, new challenges and new relationships. Initially there may be reluctance and sadness but also a sense of relief. Surrender to a higher power, accept the inevitable and know that the best approach is to ride your fate and see where it takes you. A period of growth occurs as you close one door to open another.


When reversed, the Transformation card indicates resistance to change, fear of loss of identity, avoidance or refusal to give up the illusion of security. Change can be terrifying and the choice to remain stuck is often easier than taking a chance on the unknown. You may be holding on to something that is over or needs to end, or something is ending against your wishes. However, clinging to the past may result in bitterness and lack of interest in life. Change is ultimately the only certainty in life. A new chapter is about to begin and you must let go of the past and move on.

14        Synthesis


14 Synthesis



Synthesis is the blending and integration of opposites. The principle of this card is about alchemy, by combining and re-combining to come up with the ideal new solution. It describes someone who is good at working with whatever is available, or someone who knows instinctively how to make something out of nothing. By combining spontaneity with knowledge and memories of the past, you can re-balance inner and outer matters. Patience will allow positive changes to occur as you look forward to a period of high creativity, personal growth, renewed energy, and good health.

A woman pours liquids from a vessel into a pond which represents the flow and balance of the conscious and subconscious mind. The flow of life force creates harmony between opposites, a balance between positive and negative, yin and yang. The pond represents emotional attachments because it holds the water that bonds the entire universe. Throughout life we form many bonds, some of which are karmic attachments as we are incarnated with a propensity towards certain emotional reactions due to past life experiences.

Synthesis is the struggle within each of us to constantly balance emotions and reactions to feelings of duality and separation which arise from the causal level within us. We all have male and female aspects within us and must strive to balance yin and yang energies to create balance and harmony in our lives. This card reflects the desire to find a unified field theory, a way of blending opposites to achieve synthesis which can only be achieved with patience and care.


When reversed, Synthesis indicates frustration and a lack of harmony. The search for instant gratification and the inability to come to terms with the material world has created an emotional imbalance in your life. You are unable to deny the truth any longer and this is the first sign of a healing taking place. Reflect on past mistakes to determine what you have learned about your needs and motives. There are two sides to everything, the intellectual and the emotional and both must be balanced. Compromise and cooperation are required. Allow yourself to flow with the experience, listen to your inner voice and the answer will be provided.

15        The Devil


15 The Devil



The Devil represents the physical realm to which humanity is bound. Chained together before him are a male and female which represent the duality that binds us to life and rebirth. They are in this situation by choice and are unaware of the possibility of easily freeing themselves. The Devil symbolizes power as well as pleasure, obsession, and wild reckless behavior. The card explores all that we are taught to view as evil including materialism, sexual desire and addiction. The attraction of material possessions binds us so compellingly that we often do not realize how we have become enslaved by the acquisition of stuff.

The world is often seen as a struggle between light and dark. You may be caught in an unhealthy situation or lifestyle to which you have become a slave. Fear and rejection of the darkness or ‘shadow’ within can prevent higher wisdom from coming through. The Devil encourages you to explore the darkness, and considers that the aspects you dislike in others are actually aspects you dislike in yourself. Notice areas of your life where you are allowing yourself to live in bondage and realize the cage is unlocked and you can escape at any time.

Alternatively, the Devil may be a warning that you are too restrained and you need to occasionally allow yourself to get passionate and wild. When you understand yourself and see through your illusions you are on the path to liberation. This is a time of healing that may be painful on some levels but ultimately brings freedom from the past. Remember to hold on to the highest vision of who you are.


When reversed, the Devil indicates consciously seeking to address addictions, overcoming blocks and obstacles, breaking away from old habits and creating a clearer channel for the highest good. Repressed feelings may now come to the surface and lead to outbursts, clearing the way for healing and a new path of self-discovery. Blocked feelings and inhibitions that cause damage to your psyche may now be overcome in order to move to the next level in life. Feelings of helplessness and oppression are lifted and you may see a way out of a bad situation.

16        Breakthrough


16 Breakthrough



The Breakthrough card symbolizes the ego identity, the outer façade that has been constructed so others cannot see the inner shadow you have kept hidden. When the finger of fate causes lightning to strike, sudden dramatic events disrupt your life. Usually changes happen gradually however in this case, it is quick and explosive, a wake-up call informing you that something in your life is not working.

The disruption may be the result of the abrupt ending of a marriage or a long-term relationship, the loss of a loved one or the unexpected termination of a job. Initially, deep shock and trauma may result as existing attitudes and beliefs have been shattered. Life may feel out of control as you are being forced in a new direction. How you respond to the changes will make the difference in how quickly you able to recover. You can choose to give in to fear or remain positive and make the necessary changes to rebuild your life.

If you look at the incident as an escape from limiting circumstances, the shock that you experience now will become a liberating experience as you rebuild yourself with positive knowledge. Your trapped inner self has been released as your masks have been removed and you experience a deep awakening. With a flash of insight you can reach a new level of understanding about yourself. Rigidity and delusion have been replaced with clear vision. Hope remains intact as you continue on your path toward a brighter future.


When reversed, the Breakthrough card indicates clinging to the past and inability to recover from a traumatic blow to the ego. The sudden disruption in your life has resulted in confusion, anger and grief and fear of the future. Heavy soul searching is necessary in order to help you cope with shattered illusions. Look for the positive in the situation and recognize that the disruption occurred because it was needed. Believe in yourself and in your ability to bounce back after the chaos has settled.

17        The Star


17 The Star



The Star is a guiding light to the future and brings with it optimism, hope and courage. You are being pointed toward an easier future sometimes after a difficult period, providing you have faith. The Star provides peace and harmony, good fortune, rest and relaxation. You may now enter a period of study in order for knowledge to grow. The Star brings the bright light of understanding and stimulates your imagination through intuitive awareness. After being exposed to the Star, we feel uplifted, inspired and blessed.

A message of insight, inspiration and renewal is offered by the Star. A flow of pure universal energy is available if you are open to receiving it. While the Star does not offer practical solutions, if you have faith and take positive action, your dreams can be realized. This card is about cosmic consciousness and being one with all there is, the sky, the water, the dolphin, the star, there is no separation. Use the light of the Star and your inner focus to guide you in your efforts to realize your dreams.

The Star is a reminder to open your heart and release your fears and doubt. Guard against self-doubts and trust in your inner wisdom and strength. If you still your mind and connect with Spirit, you will be guided in your search for meaning and direction. Unexpected help will come when you least expect it. You can now obtain a sense of security and confidence in your own inner truth.


A reversed Star card symbolizes hopelessness, pessimism and loss of faith. It is difficult to find meaning and purpose in life and everything seems pointless. Your emotions have become blocked inside so you appear tired, cold and depressed on the outside. When you feel hopeless, recognize that all is not lost. Now is the time to put things into proper perspective and contemplate past mistakes without clinging to the past. Go within to seek spiritual guidance and you will see your world in a new light.

18        The Moon


18 The Moon



The Moon symbolizes imagination, intuition and dreams in the journey toward self-awareness beneath the hidden forces that shape our consciousness. The Moon calls to the dreamer to travel in the dreamtime and wander in realms beyond the logical. Listen to your intuition to seek answers in long forgotten memories. The way to the subconscious is opened to stimulate the creative imagination which inspires all that you imagine. The crab, a creature of both land and sea, moves between both the conscious and unconscious world.

The Moon has many faces and many moods, a master of illusion. It is often easier to hide behind a mask of false ego behind which we protect ourselves in the belief that we will not be hurt. It is only the ego that experiences the painful negative emotions. Because we live in a world of familiarity, we become paralyzed by fear of the unknown if we are forced to step out beyond our comfort zone. This fear is based on previous negative emotional experiences that prevent us from taking risks and making changes.

Release your hold on that which you do not understand; it doesn’t all have to make sense. Every now and then we may feel a sense of excitement when we catch a glimpse of the unfamiliar or venture beyond our comfort zone through expanded awareness. Keep a dream journal and enter the realm of mysticism and other forms of magic that will allow your mind freedom. Worship the beauty of the night by the light of the Moon.


When reversed, the Moon is reversed, make no major decisions because something is not what it appears to be. While you are under this influence, you may be lost and wandering aimlessly or feel you have lost your purpose in life. Now is the time to use the wisdom of your heart to find your way back to clarity and your true purpose. Discover your hidden depths through your dreams and go beyond the inner darkness that your emotions have created. Be careful not to let deceptions and false ideals lead you astray. Make friends with your ‘shadow’ personality as you break through unknown gateways. Allow yourself to see things as they really are, be patient and trust that things will improve in due course.

19        The Sun


19 The Sun



The Sun shares its warmth and radiant energy that brightens our existence. It is the energy source and life force for all living creatures. The children in this card are youthful, joyful and full of energy. This is an exciting time of growth and rekindled enthusiasm where achievements are acknowledged and rewarded. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy. The brain is working, things that were once muddled are clear and everything is going according to plan.

The Sun’s energy is radiant and illuminating and you are feeling very self-confident. The energy of the light expands your limits so now is your chance to allow your brilliance to shine. You have unlimited energy and glow with health. You see clearly and understand the truth both within and without. You are receptive to new ideas and have confidence in your abilities. Everything you undertake at this time will be a great success.

This is a card about personal freedom. It represents those free spirits who are young at heart no matter what their age. Close relationships with nature are involved and unions in earthly and spiritual matters are possibilities for personal and spiritual growth. You feel safe after a period of strain and stress. You have clarity of mind and action and will move forward having found the right course. You see the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to advancement.


A reversed Sun shows the same energy is present as an upright Sun but at a lower level but the vitality is limited in some way. You want to succeed but something is holding you back. Your energy has faded and you are unable to stop the light from fading. This could be a warning of the dangers of excess, burn out or being blinded by ambition. The Sun is setting instead of rising and its light and warmth is fading along with the life it supports. It suggests you are unable to recapture your youth or that you are refusing the light and prefer the shadow rather than see what the light has to show. It is time to listen to reason before all the flowers have wilted. 

20       Awakening


20 Awakening



The Awakening card symbolizes freedom from the past and a renewal of energy. The Egyptian scarab beetle indicates a rebirth about to take place on many levels. Improvements will be apparent as you will find your spirituality reawakening. Forgotten creative or spiritual interests will re-emerge and a fresh creativity will emerge. A change in personal consciousness is now on the verge of blending with the universal. This is an awakening of a higher consciousness and forgiveness of mistakes and failures. You realize the need to be true to yourself as you let go of fears that have held you back. The past and its mistakes are behind you, and you are ready to begin anew.

This card represents a wake-up call, that ‘A-HA’ moment through which your spirit is able to rise up out of darkness to evolve to a higher purpose. You have risen above limiting self-doubt, guilt, and false judgment of others that kept you from fulfilling new aspirations. Revitalize your life and move into a new phase of higher awareness and purpose. Freed from wounds from the past you blend with universal consciousness to experience true liberation. You may even feel a spiritual calling of what you are truly meant to do.

Awakening signals big changes that involve leaving something old to step into something new, like leaving an unfulfilling job and opening the door to an exciting new career. Face what must be faced and let go of all that has happened in the past that no longer serves you. Make the decision and take the plunge to break destructive patterns in order to progress into a new cycle of life. It is a time of healing and renewal at all levels.


When Awakening is reversed it signifies that you may be unable to break away from your current difficulties. You may be experiencing fear of the unknown or fear of change. Inability to make needed changes indicates failure to face facts, denial and stagnation. You are still feeling guilt about mistakes made in the past and feel as if life is passing you by. It is time to make peace with the choices made in the past and face the inevitable changes that are happening and begin anew.

21        The World


21 The World



The World suggests the completion of a cycle and the sense that everything is working harmoniously. This is a time of inner fulfilment as you continue your journey of improvement wiser for what has already transpired. You have come full circle and attained all your goals after overcoming the difficulties encountered along the way. The figures in the four corners of the card represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius situated on their elements, fire, earth, water and air, symbolizing the stars coming into alignment and all things coinciding for our ultimate reward.

The female dancing across the world of humanity is symbolic of balance and unity which indicates that all of us can come to work together as one. The negative has been brought under control and is now completely in balance with the positive. The material and spiritual worlds have blended into one and you are experiencing a state of universal consciousness and connectedness to everything around you. Expect success in all undertakings; you are on top of the World.

Expect favourable changes, happiness, long distance travel, and enjoyment of the results of your efforts. Where you have ended, another journey will soon begin and you will set new goals. Enjoy freedom from fears and falsehood and clearly see the World within yourself as well as the outer one and know they are the same. Love one and all without conflict and use your abilities to the fullest in all endeavours. By fulfilling your potential you add to the World in a way no one else can.


When reversed, the World may suggest being afraid to venture from your comfort zone. Perhaps you are unable to complete a project you have been working on because you have taken on more than you can handle. Or maybe you are feeling frustrated and just don’t want to finish it. This card can also suggest stillness rather than movement, feeling that no travel is possible. Step back and examine the situation, slow down and take a break. When the time is right you will know whether the project is worth completing or not.