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Inner Journey Oracle Minor Arcana Cups: this was a project that I spent more than six years creating. Each card was created by cutting out pictures from magazines, assembled to portray the meanings of the Rider tarot deck and glued onto backgrounds. Next I scanned each image and wrote my interpretation of the meanings of the cards. This is strictly an art project and will not be reproduced. Please click here to view image galleries and click on thumbnails.


Relationships, Emotions, Feelings, Love  Cups correspond to water signs (emotion). They are associated with love, emotions, partnerships, personal relationships and marriage and also to business or working partnerships. This is a suit of love and happiness, and feelings that run deep. Cups offer insight for learning to trust and respond to feelings without being ruled by them. They teach us to connect outer awareness to inner awareness and take action based on that integrated perspective. The themes and lessons of this suit are expressed in and through relationships, with the feelings that arise in those relationships helping us to achieve a better inner relationship with ourselves. The cards in this suit mirror our struggles and successes with emotional fulfillment.


Water Cups Emotional
Child Element of Water Insight
Youth Pisces Idealism
Woman Cancer Emotional
Man Scorpio Compassion
Ace Element of Water Satisfaction
2 Moon in Cancer Connection
3 Pluto in Cancer Celebration
4 Neptune in Cancer Reassessment
5 Pluto in Scorpio Disappointment
6 Neptune in Scorpio Nostalgia
7 Moon in Scorpio Illusions
8 Neptune in Pisces Release
9 Moon in Pisces Harmony
10 Pluto in Pisces Bliss

Ace of Cups




The Ace of Cups is absolutely one of the luckiest cards. It brings with it many possibilities for a new beginning, a period of blossoming love, friendship, partnership and creativity. Brimming with ideas and new possibilities, this card brings with it the capacity for you to open your heart to love again.

Nurturing and essential for development, the Ace of Cups creates a perfect environment for mutual passion and loving relationships. A change of direction is indicated, creative and intuitive periods are filled with imagination and artistic impulses. A new relationship or friendship may begin that will lead to the deepest fulfillment.

This card stimulates the soul development through relationships and partnerships. If a new relationship has already begun, it is sure to be promising. A promising new business partnership is also a possibility. Life is filled with a sense of peace; there is abundance, satisfaction and joy in your life at this time. Any new projects will be productive and happiness is all around you.


When reversed, the Ace of Cups represents a time of emotional drain and chaos. You may be involved in a one-sided relationship or other exhausting relationship that demands more emotional effort than you want to provide. Creative ideas and artistic projects seem to have dried up and a general feeling of being uninspired and blocked is present. Emotional demands seem constant, leaving you feeling empty and needing to withdraw from all that is happening. Take some time out to recharge and you will soon feel better.v

Two of Cups




The Two of Cups signifies connection in the form of love and its uniting power and the beginning of new relationships. Someone new has come into your life or will come into your life in the near future.

This card demonstrates the healing and nourishing power of cooperative and constructive unions. Problems have faded and you are happy and blissfully in love. You respect the masculine and feminine strengths each of you contributes to a relationship to create the perfect balance.

With the Two of Cups, partnerships of every kind will benefit. For those looking for love, new relationships are sure to be promising while existing relationships will become even more loving.

Strong working relationships or business partnerships are indicated; from the emotional and mental bonds, great things will be produced. Any new friendships will be strong relationships filled with warmth and fun. With the perfect balance of the Two of Cups, every type of relationship will benefit and prosper.


When reversed, emotional hardships and imbalance are implied. At this time it seems difficult to understand where others are coming from. Arguments go around in circles and it feels like the current situation will never get resolved. The best thing you can do is to just take a break to give yourself and others time to calm down and then reassess the situation. Take things slowly and not do anything too impulsive. While it may seem hopeless, all is not lost. There is no need to think of abandoning a relationship completely. Just a little time and understanding are required. 

Three of Cups




The Three of Cups indicates an expression of joy, emotional fulfilment and satisfaction, something amazing has been achieved and a celebration is in order; this is the start of something really good. Emotions are deep and healing will surround you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you have been ill, you will feel better. No matter what happens, the results will be positive.

You are happy and content in your relationships, everything has worked out well and life’s problems have been solved by joining forces with family and friends.  There will be many reasons to enjoy family and friends, good food and wonderful conversation.

The future looks extremely bright with this card, with weddings, promotions, parties and a happy social life on the horizon. Sometimes this social whirlwind may seem a little much but it's best to relax, smile and enjoy yourself. Take this time to recognize your accomplishments and celebrate and laugh. It's not often there is so much to celebrate.


When reversed, the Three of Cups indicates over-the-top indulgences. It's one thing to enjoy yourself but you are overdoing it and having a difficult time accomplishing anything else other than partying. This can also speak of financial over-spending, allowing your joy to blind you to the balance in your bank account. Take a break from the social scene to regroup and get some much needed sleep. 

Four of Cups




The Four of Cups indicates emotional reassessment is necessary due to some underlying dissatisfaction and feelings of being stuck in a rut. Doubts are beginning to surface, there is a feeling that something is not quite right or that you are living an illusion. It is the start of demands for more depth and honesty from those around you.

A relationship may not seem very satisfactory at this time as you open your eyes and look more closely at your situation. Unsure about the future, you feel there is something missing from your life. People you were once close to feel distant and you are uncertain as to what you should do.

Troubled by boredom, some changes are overdue but  you just don't feel like doing anything right now. In that case it is best to make a few small changes to shake things up. Travel would allow you to open up to new interests and experiences. You need to recharge your batteries and think things over.

Try to avoid a confrontation, think things through without jeopardising other projects. This is a time when you will begin to make long range plans. In the end things will turn out much better than expected, however, expect progress to be slow while making plans. Just because you were disappointed in the past, doesn't mean that love has to hurt. What is life without risk?


When reversed, the Four of Cups represents someone who cannot be alone and needs the constant reassurance of those around them. Sometimes a career change is indicated or it could be that a project that once inspired you  now leaves you feeling empty.

Five of Cups




The Five of Cups implies disappointment, loss, and sadness. A relationship has ended or your feelings were not returned and you feel as if you’ve lost your chance for happiness. But try not to wallow in self pity too long, all is not lost. There is hope and you can use this time for some much needed emotional cleansing.

This card may also indicate tension within a relationship that may be on the verge of ending. In that case, it is important to reassess whether or not anything is left of the relationship worth salvaging. Perhaps trust has been breached or a partner has been emotionally distant. You must decide whether or not to attempt reconciliation or to let go and move on. Let go of unrealistic expectation and decide what you really want.

Draw upon your inner strength and you will soon be able to move beyond the grief and sadness. Someone you meet now may have a long-term influence on your life although not in a romantic sense. You have true and trusted friends who will be there looking out for you. Look at life from a more positive place and see what you have instead of what is lacking. In the end things will turn out better than expected.


When reversed, the Five of Cups often signals that an emotional reunion is on the horizon. A friend or lover may suddenly reappear, giving you the chance to possibly rebuild your relationship. With the new knowledge and experiences you have, it could become even stronger the second time around. The emotional hurt experienced leaves you cautious and better able to decide whether a second chance is worth the risk.

Six of Cups




The Six of Cups implies that nostalgic memories play a strong role in your life at this time. A former lover may reappear in your life with the hope to carry on where things left off, or a sentimental journey to your past will be undertaken to better understand yourself and what is needed for the future. It's important now not to be stuck in the past so think long and hard before rekindling an old romance.

Feelings of regret about having lost touch with old friends  may compel you to want to renew those relationships. You may wish to turn back the clock but you should realize you are stronger from your past experiences. The past is gone and you are ready to grow and move forward with plans and a new direction for the future.  

You have worked hard and are feeling satisfied and pleased with efforts to make your dreams come true. Supportive family and friends surround you and life feels good. This is an excellent time for work that involves some level of creativity. If your work does not, spend a bit of time on  a project that allows some creativity.


When reversed, the Six of Cups implies you are holding on to your past to block progress into the future. Remember that past memories are selective and seldom the way you think. Usually only the nicest thoughts of the past remain. It is best to use the past to improve upon the future. A fresh start begins with realizing who we currently are, and not buying into what people think we should be.

Seven of Cups




The Seven of Cups implies that too many choices and opportunities are presented. You are seeing deceptively beautiful illusions that take time and much effort to solidify. Careful consideration and reflection upon choices is needed if a grave error of judgment is to be avoided.

You are faced with a variety of choices of people, for example marriage or other partners, one of exceptional promise but great perception is needed for this to be seen. Such choices can divide your energy and commitment but without commitment it's difficult for anything to become viable. Whether relationship or career choices, take the time to carefully weigh your options and then make an informed wise choice.

This card offers the opportunity to explore your fantasies, dreams, hopes and fears. A mystical experience of an inspiring kind is indicated as well. If you look deeply into your soul, you will find shadow aspects of yourself that must be dealt with and acknowledged. You are much stronger now and with clear thinking and determination you will easily find a solution to any situation.


A dreamy and hazy fantasy world exists within the Seven of Cups reversed. Reality is something you don't want to connect with - living in your dreams or clouding your thoughts with drugs or alcohol is much nicer. You may be deceiving yourself with your relationships and need to search for reality rather than deluding yourself. Sometimes what is real is not as pleasant as your fantasies, but reality is what grounds you.

Eight of Cups




The Eight of Cups implies that you feel emotionally drained as a result of filling other peoples needs to the exclusion of your own. It may be time to release an unsatisfying relationship that has not brought you the happiness you thought it would. This leaves you questioning yourself and searching for greater meaning in life. There is some sadness yet you trust yourself as you proceed toward an uncertain future as you release the past and move out of the darkness and into the light.

Dissatisfied with the situation you want something different, but you don't know what. You may have tried to resolve the situation but have reached an impasse where now your best option is to leave. Domestic and personal changes may feel disruptive but will benefit you in the long term. Look for other alternatives, find the courage to retreat and heal yourself. Take time out for yourself and search for a purpose that is worthy of your dedication.

Your search for insight and a more authentic way of being requires introspection during this period of transition. You will know which plans to proceed with and which plans to drop. You may not be prepared to invest all your efforts into your projects but future happiness and family gatherings are likely no matter which path you choose to follow.


When reversed, the Eight of Cups indicates you have entered a depressing period of emotional confusion where fantasy and reality have blurred. Desperate from emotional wounds, you have shut yourself off from the people around you and are suffering from emotional exhaustion. At the core of this is your need for perfection, in yourself and in others. Reach out for help to move beyond this point.

Nine of Cups




The Nine of Cups represents happiness and harmony between the emotional, spiritual and physical planes that compose daily life. You have reached a place of contentment where love, ideas, creativity and friendship flow quickly and easily. There is a blissful quality to your life and you know the value of all the work that went into arriving here.

All the emotional challenges that have irritated you will suddenly be resolved. You have overcome difficulties and reached a stage of satisfaction, if not total fulfilment.

This card also suggests good health and victory. Projects and business deals will work out to your advantage and you are nearing personal goals. You feel secure and content. Relaxed and happy, you are open to any and all new possibilities. If you are looking for love you will find it soon. If you are in a committed relationship a deepening and strengthening of that commitment with marriage and children is indicated.

Expect victory over material challenges in your life. You have reached a point when you have much to offer and share with others. You feel secure psychologically as well as materially, but you cannot sit at this point indefinitely. This is a starting point for inner growth so enjoy the moment and then look ahead into the possibilities awaiting you.


When reversed, the Nine of Cups warns you of the danger of taking your current happiness for granted. With established relationships, there is always work that needs to take place to make sure both parties are feeling happy and respected. With all matters, if you ignore the behind-the-scenes maintenance, you are at risk of losing everything that you've worked so hard to create.

Ten of Cups




The Ten of Cups is the card of bliss, the pinnacle of happiness where dreams come true. Established relationships will continue to grow and develop and new relationships are easy and filled with harmony. An engagement, marriage or a new birth is possible at this time. Success is assured and you will have everything you hoped for.

This is the card of ongoing contentment and emotional fulfilment in personal relationships, home and family. It represents not only emotional fulfilment but the potential for physical and spiritual development as well. Family, friends and relationships are playing an important role in your life and you have built up a secure network of caring, trustworthy people around you that will support you into the future. Love, happiness, peace and harmony surround you.  

Inner satisfaction from having lived up to your ideals is implied with this card, it is the completion of a cycle. It can also illustrate the harmonizing of personality goals with those of the higher self. Joy comes with shared happiness and this card also validates coming home to family and friends and other safe havens from worldly strife.


When reversed, the Ten of Cups implies feelings of loss, that you are on the brink of losing what is most important to you. A home might be sold, children leaving home and friends move away. These emotional disruptions affect you even more right now because they seem enough to break your heart. All the more important to speak from your soul and express the deep feelings you may have been hiding.

Child of Cups




The Child of Cups can refer to a younger person with big heart. Usually very insightful, gentle and very loving, imagination and creativity are a big part of their life. However, occasionally this sensitivity can interfere with emotional stability, leading to a lot of fears and anxiety.

The Child of Cups symbolizes a new, deeper feeling of self love and self knowledge. The energy is beginning to emerge and must be nurtured to grow. You are working to identify and understand your emotions through inner child work, creativity and play.

The Child is thoughtful and innocent and is willing to help you in any way possible. Although she is trustworthy and sensitive to the needs of others, her ideas still need some grounding.

You may face some new challenges or changes in your life. A new birth or the birth of a new idea are suggested. This card can also point toward a time of quiet reflection or a time of study and learning. Someone of this nature may come into your life to help you after a period of strife or discord. The Child offers sympathy and a loving touch in times of pain.


When reversed, the Child of Cups can refer to fear of the future or a hesitation in taking new risks. Fear of rejection may be inhibiting you from starting a new relationship or a new project. A reversed Child of Cups may also indicate that you are not living up to your potential or that you are overly concerned with how people see you. Your aspirations may not be based in reality or you are too busy dreaming.

Youth of Cups




The Youth of Cups is a loving and creative young man or woman. Romantic and passionate, the Youth is a great believer in ideals and dreams. Sometimes indicating that a new romantic relationship is coming, what you will experience now is the idealized version - reality and problems have yet to intrude.

The Youth of Cups is about emotional energy which is maturing but is still raw. Energetic and enthusiastic, the Youth is exploring and experimenting in life, trying new things out. Active, romantic, and idealistic, this young person is true to their ideals; however, at times tends to be somewhat scattered and restless. Emotionally they can sometimes be turbulent and moody, but can also often hide their emotions and refuse to share them with others.

Extremely creative, artistically or musically inclined, they have deep involvement in these areas. Someone with the quality of the Youth of Cups may enter your life. This person is very honourable and trustworthy and will help you out and help you to discover new opportunities.

The Youth has discovered how to express each emotion through statements and actions and that there are levels and layers to them and contradictory feelings too.  She has learned what role various emotions play in life and how they serve others.


When reversed, the Youth of Cups’ artistic vision is clouded by emotional issues as well as a lack of motivation. She may be feeling lost, finding that fantasies are better than reality or she may be irresponsible or lack direction. This card may also indicate that you feel stuck or emotionally blocked. This is the time to tap back into your emotions.

Woman of Cups




The Woman of Cups card is the mature, feminine energy of the suit. She is very strong and determined and follows her heart, no matter what the consequences. Not uncomfortable expressing her emotions, she is gentle, honest and wise. Her inner strength, compassion and illuminating insight allows her to nurture and draw out the best qualities of others.

Feminine and creative, the Woman of Cups is artistic and incredibly intuitive, she can confidently express her inner state as well as comprehend other people’s feelings. She loves deeply and with a great deal of perspective, but with a tendency to put her partner first. Soft hearted, she can be very emotional and likes to nurture children and animals. She can't bear to see anyone or anything in distress and will do anything in her power to right wrongs.

This card is the awakening of the mature feminine principle. It suggests following your heart, often in the face of opposition. There is a great inner strength and determination to stay true to your inner self. Advice may be received from a lady with the Woman’s qualities. You may need to look into your inner feelings more deeply and develop an inner vision.


When reversed, the Woman of Cups can be moody, indecisive and selfish as her quick changing personality becomes overwhelmed by her emotions. The intensity of her moods affects everyone around her and she sometimes uses them to manipulate others. She may be dealing with long lasting emotional wounds, their pain affecting other aspects of her life. The reversed Woman can also indicate the abuse of alcohol and substances.

Man of Cups




The Man of Cups is the masculine energy of the suit whose male energy is balanced and whole. He is kind, fair, responsible, compassionate, sensitive, understanding and wise. He has studied and worked hard to gain mastery of emotional energies and uses them wisely and he has learned all about trust.

A person with many talents and great insight into others, the Man of Cups has the skills to understand other people’s feelings and to express them articulately. He is a professional and may be a healer, counsellor or teacher. Regardless of career, he is one of a kind and tends to be ruled by hunches rather than logic.

The Man of Cups is deeply emotional and creative and the most the most feminine of all the Men. He is aware of his feminine aspects and not afraid of his emotions. Someone with these qualities may be coming into your life to help you in some way. This person is reliable and well-meaning. Listen to his advice as you are likely to achieve a favourable outcome to anything you undertake as a result. The card suggests learning to trust life and let it take its course.


When reversed, the Man of Cups is transformed into someone who can't or won't deal with reality; drugs, alcohol and fantasies are used to forget. Unable to fully express his feelings, he may go through life convinced that no one can really understand or accept him. While the Man of Cups reversed can indicate a man who is unfaithful in love, he generally will also be someone who can't decide which partner he wants to be with.