Minor Arcana Wands



Inner Journey Oracle Minor Arcana Wands: this was a project that I spent more than six years creating. Each card was created by cutting out pictures from magazines, assembled to portray the meanings of the Rider tarot deck and glued onto backgrounds. Next I scanned each image and wrote my interpretation of the meanings of the cards. This is strictly an art project and will not be reproduced. Please click here to view image galleries and click on thumbnails.


Creativity, Imagination, Path in Life  Wands correspond to fire signs (intuition and creativity). They represent spirit through intuition and the development of the creative imagination and the dangers of too much imagination without common sense. Wands also represent energy, restlessness, progress and growth. Members of the Wands family place high value onto the meaning of an experience. They have learned to trust themselves above all else and to listen to their inner voice. Facts and details take a back seat for them . They consider small talk irrelevant. They are interested in expanding their own awareness and that of others. 

Fire Wands Spiritual
Child Element of Fire Spontaneity
Youth Sagittarius Restlessness
Woman Aries Passion
Man Leo Integrity
Ace Element of Fire Initiation
2 Mars in Aries Balance
3 Sun in Aries Opportunity
4 Jupiter in Aries Success
5 Sun Leo Competition
6 Jupiter in Leo Triumph
7 Mars in Leo Courage
8 Jupiter in Sagittarius Action
9 Mars in Sagittarius Discipline
10 Sun in Sagittarius Growth

Ace of Wands




Fiery and dramatic, the Ace of Wands is a lightning rod for creativity, a card of high energy and initiation. It urges you to combine conscious intention with motivation to propel you toward a new spiritual direction in your life. You may be pursuing a career change, a new job or project, cause or goal. Other possibilities include a new baby, home, or a new philosophy, anything that suggests a new beginning. A creative phase is beginning and as long as you remain enthusiastic, anything is possible.

This card indicates an energy that can drastically change your attitude toward life. Pay attention to your intuition, focus on positive visions, hopes and dreams instead of negativity and fear. Appreciate the wide spectrum of experiences in your life for together they provide spiritual wholeness.

Light the bonfire and ignite the flames, focus your intention and feel the creative fire burning within you. Expect to swiftly move in a new direction, one that will take you on the path to a more creative or spiritual level of experience or understanding. The end of an illness or period of darkness or stagnation is also indicated. The Ace of Wands will provide you with clarity, direction, and positive creative energy to successfully make your dreams come true.


When reversed, the Ace of Wands may indicate blocks and delays leading to impatience and miscommunication. The urge for change is present but circumstances are delaying your progress. You want to head off into a new direction but your inability to finish old projects is hindering your progress and causing you to feel overwhelmed. Focus on the unfinished projects, prioritize those that must be completed and discard the rest. Once you are back on track, your creative energy will return and you can look ahead to a new direction in your life. 

Two of Wands




The Two of Wands implies a sense of restlessness although success has been achieved through diligent efforts and strength of character. It represents the divine energy that infuses you with the motivation to express yourself through your creations and allows you to seek new outlets for your abilities and ideas. Everything is unfolding according to plan as you move forward; you are following your passion, trusting the way will be shown.

Duality is implied with the Two of Wands which is symbolic of making a choice. You have gone as far as you can alone and need collaboration to move further. Opportunities open up for partnerships or joint ventures which indicates the balancing of two. Positive relationships develop and financial improvements are indicated.

You have accomplished much, now you must choose whether you will continue on the same path or take another direction and enter into an unknown field. Restlessness motivates you to find new outlets for your abilities and ideas.  A lifestyle or relationship change is implied or perhaps something unexpected is about to occur. Focus your energy to progress in a forward motion to avoid distraction, or perhaps turn onto a different path by combining divergent philosophies.


When reversed, the Two of Wands symbolizes the duality competing for control rather than forming an alliance. Something is keeping you from cooperating with another person and the result is upset or imbalance. Indecisiveness or a stagnant lifestyle may be holding you back. Misunderstandings can occur, as well as delays and miscommunication. Inflexibility only leads to further misunderstandings. Success is possible but more time is needed. Carefully weigh the balance if you are considering making big changes in your life.

Three of Wands




Opportunity is implied by the Three of Wands through the integration of your various talents and energies. Obstacles have fallen away, your first goal has been reached and you have reached a plateau. As you celebrate your accomplishments, seek inner guidance to determine your next step. Evaluate the work you have completed, then decide whether and how to pursue other enterprises.

Your creative resources are infinite and new opportunities will present themselves. These may be connected to relationships previously nurtured, and are likely ideas you've been pursuing for some time. Further growth of your ideas will occur, while some previously developed will begin to reach their full potential and turn out very well.

As you remind yourself of past successes, transfer that confidence to future areas of interest. Your next move is determined by the knowledge and level of experience you have attained up to this point. Do not rest too long as there is more to be accomplished and success is imminent. This card is good for business as it suggests progress through fortunate connections. Partnerships are sound and worries are unlikely, travel connected with career is suggested and life looks promising.


When reversed position, the Three of Wands may indicate failure resulting from unrealistic expectations, lack of focus, delays or obstacles out of your control. A creative block is hindering attempts to achieve your goals. Open up to receiving help and input from others and prepare yourself for the possibly that you may need to adjust your goals to be more realistic. Another chance will present itself and next time you will be better prepared.

Four of Wands




The Four of Wands indicates success; you are reaping the harvest of your diligent hard work, particularly in your career, as well as personal relationships with others. Celebration is at hand as you share the joys of your achievements. You have successfully carried out the ideas you were previously only contemplating.

This is a time of contentment for you, a time to be playful and carefree. Indulge yourself and leave your problems behind, even just for just a short while before your restlessness nature propels you to seek out a new project or mission. Once you are physically, mentally and emotionally rejuvenated, you will be ready to take the next step on whichever path you choose.

With the Four of Wands you have built a strong foundation for years of future success and growth. Celebrate the completion of successful endeavours, and relax a while before embarking on future plans. You are gathering together your resources, whatever you need to move forward with your creative vision.  A new adventure lies before you and there will be many more happy gatherings and monetary success.


When reversed, the Three of Wands implies dreams that must be put on hold for a short while. It doesn't mean the dreams must be abandoned completely, simply that there is still work to be done in order for them be realized. You may have been in such a hurry to wrap things up that you didn’t realize how many loose ends you left behind. Rest a while, and once you are rejuvenated, you will be ready to once again move forward. While the impatient part of you is unhappy with the delay, you should enjoy the period of rest while it lasts.

Five of Wands




The Five of Wands implies competition or conflicts with colleagues, arguments or other dissatisfaction. Everything you want must be won at this time. You face the reality of the path you have chosen and struggle with the aspects of your personality. Obstacles cause you to feel stuck and unable to move forward. There appears to be no quick fix for the confusion and chaos you are experiencing at this time.

Although you must work harder than usual, you have the means to achieve a successful outcome as you receive insights and tap into new resources. Trust your intuition to move forward and you will find the answer. If you are prepared to go all out for your goals and challenge others, you will succeed. Understanding yourself is the deeper issue and whether you can handle the confusion while you sort it out.

Evaluate the issues and consider negotiation; sharing power increases a successful outcome. Seek support for your changing ideals or philosophy from like minded people and reorganize your priorities. Conflicts are just part of the process of challenging the old to create the new. Family and friends support you to see another point of view and the end result will be better than expected.


The Five of Wands reversed is a sign of relief after struggles and disputes. Now you can relax your efforts and reap the benefits of your previous efforts. This card is an indicator that you have worked through your anger and frustration and feel more secure in your relationships. You realize you cannot do everything alone and the help you need to proceed has arrived.

Six of Wands




The Six of Wands is a card of optimism and triumph which is the result of hard work and cooperation, usually relating to career and business matters. You did it your way and you succeeded against all odds. Credit is given to your loyal colleagues, along with recognition of what can be achieved with focused teamwork. The struggle is over and others recognize your accomplishments while you pat yourself on the back and bask in the glory of a job well done.

High self-esteem and satisfaction with the present is implied, as well as great optimism for the future. A settlement of problems or legal matters is suggested and you will have more money and resources than usual. If you’ve been awaiting some good news, the Six of wands may well deliver sooner than later. All around happiness and success is indicated.

The Six of Wands is a reminder of the importance of optimism in achievement of goals. Positive visualization, energy and teamwork puts triumph within our grasp, the possibility is there, we must simply see it internally to accomplish it externally. Enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world.


The reversed Six of Wands may indicate false optimism which can lead to defeat just as easily as complete lack of optimism. Miscommunications in group projects are indicated, which may cause tension and conflict with colleagues. Although rewards are delayed this is not a time to allow fear to hold you back as matters will eventually work themselves out in your favour. Trust your instincts and do not hesitate to stand up for yourself if necessary.

Seven of Wands




The Seven of Wands illustrates courage in the face of opposition. Following your initial success, you now face unexpected conflict and obstacles challenge you at this time. However, this too can be overcome and you have the resources and confidence to stand up for yourself and what you believe in regardless of the energy working against you.

Do not fret though; you have the courage to forge ahead in spite of your fears. Determination and hard work is required to overcome the obstacles in your way at this time, but stand your ground, face your fears and success will be forthcoming. Creativity is favourable now and you have the ability to prioritize and to incorporate some new beneficial insights and ideas into your work.

You are being challenged to believe in yourself so do not hesitate to make it clear to others where you stand on any issues. Although you may have moments of self-doubt, your thinking is very clear and now is the time to do what feels right. The Six of Wands indicates a positive change is coming your way in your business or personal life. The time of turbulence and struggle is nearing the end and victory will soon be yours.


The reversed Seven of Wands indicates a time of indecision, confusion and the inability to face a challenge. Fear controls you and leaves you frozen as you fail to use your numerous talents and abilities to overcome the obstacles. By taking action and standing up for yourself there is no limit to what you can achieve. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you and allow yourself to shine.

Eight of Wands




The Eight of Wands indicates action. Your goals are within reach, you are nearing the end of your journey and your efforts with come to fruition. Struggles are behind you and there is smooth sailing ahead. With your abundance of energy and enthusiasm, things are beginning to move quickly and there is much activity. Anxieties are lessened and advancement is suggested. Travel or news from overseas is likely.

The possibilities are endless, unlimited choices await you. You are trying to figure out who you are and which ideas are truly your own. Anxious to arrive at your goal, you are eager to create your future and reap its rewards. There is so much to do but don’t be too hasty, take the time to evaluate, prioritize and organize your ideas before moving ahead.

Evaluate your option and decide where there may be too much chaos in your life or too much rigidity so you might find a middle ground that is appropriate for you. Opportunities may be arriving faster than you can expect and mind expanding horizons are highlighted. Energy that felt controlled or stilted is now flowing freely along with exciting opportunities.


The reversed Eight of Wands indicates some delays and miscommunication; well thought out plans seem to go awry. Now is the time to reassess you choices and think carefully before making a commitment. The delays are beyond your control so remember to stay calm or reschedule to avoid headaches. Take the time to develop an overall perspective so you won’t feel overwhelmed. 

Nine of Wands




When the Nine of Wands appears, it is encouraging you to reach down deep inside yourself to access the energy and discipline you need to continue on your chosen path. Although you have overcome many obstacles to reach the present level of accomplishment, you have not yet reached the place you would like to be.

This card urges you to stand your ground and focus your efforts to pull together all your energy for one last push toward success. Although you may feel overwhelmed, you will achieve your goals if you remain determined and resilient. Rely on your inner strength to see you through at this time. Use the delay to plan for the future rather than remaining in limbo. Follow your own path and you will find the key to success. Ultimately you are responsible for your own destiny.

If your situation has triggered strong emotional reactions, take the time to process your feelings before you leap into action. Remember too that you need success to emanate from within you to reflect what is on the outside. Believe in yourself first, and others will believe in you too. As you acquire greater insight about yourself, reach unconventional opportunities and do something completely different and innovative.


The reversed Nine of Wands indicates stress and overwork that has burdened your body and mind. Although you feel driven to reach your goals at this time, it is time to take a break to examine your past experiences and the patterns of thought that limit you. Until you recognize them and stop succumbing to them, you will remain in limbo. 

Ten of Wands




The Ten of Wands indicates growth after a period of overwork and intense focus on goals. Exhaustion may be overwhelming because you feel as though you are working too much but getting nowhere. You need to lessen your load for the time being for you may have taken on more than you can handle.

This is a period of growth and understanding if you allow yourself to listen to your inner belief and trust in all you have learned from past experience. Past glories no longer matter since you must open up the new doors of opportunity before you. Determination is one of your qualities. If you have set your mind on something, take action and keep your goal in sight and move toward it one small step at a time.

With the Ten of Wands, you are very close to achieving a lifelong dream. Drive and ambition fuel your passion so all this hard work feels like less of a burden. However, working to the point of exhaustion will hinder you in the long term, while your ambition may drive you to exclude areas of your life. Growth incorporates all areas of your life, leave work at work; you may feel like this is your calling, but you need a life too.


With the reversed Ten of Wands the  responsibilities you shoulder right now are perfect. Instead of feeling burdened, these are welcome responsibilities that reinforce your worth and create strong feelings of passion. You feel nurtured and are working at your best. External forces support you and you feel like you are in sync with your life. Promotions or raises are a likely result of all your hard work. 

Child of Wands




The Child of Wands is spontaneous, energetic, fearless, restless and youthful. A faithful true friend, she is someone who will stand by you no matter what and you can trust her completely. This card indicates a new stirring of creative energy. Any flashes of brilliance and inspiration should be followed as success is likely to follow before long. You are laying the groundwork for a new beginning that could take you farther than you have ever dreamed; however, to maximize the result you must follow your creative drives.

A dream you had at some time in your life may have been reawakened. Stay focused and learn to listen to your inner child. You may meet someone with the Child’s qualities who will herald the start of better times or you may adopt some of her qualities.

The Child of Wands usually refers to a young person who enters your life, either male or female and usually represents one who is filled with many spontaneity and impulsiveness. She provides you with the excitement of discovery and inspiration. Her energy is vibrant and contagious and when she appears she will infect everyone around her with that same enthusiastic energy. This is a time of creative play and joyful discovery.


When the Child of Wands is reversed, it can be that impatience is stopping the surge of creative ideas from materializing. It could be that over-activity is hindering your ability to learn; so much energy making it impossible to focus or stay sitting. It is important to resolve these difficulties before frustration outweighs the love of learning. 

Youth of Wands




The Youth of Wands has enormous energy and enthusiasm. Her energies are scattered as she broadens her horizons and comes up with new creative ideas. Not all of these ideas are practical but this is a time of exploration and experimentation. She can be so devoted to a task that she will push until she finds a way to accomplish it.

You are being encouraged to you open your mind and make the unexpected happen as new ideas pop into your head. This card may suggest travel and moves, possibly overseas. Easily bored, you may need a change as you move into unknown territory.

The Youth of Wands is friendly, adventurous and intelligent, although at times a bit flighty and unreliable. This card provides you with some of her qualities. Her ideas and enthusiasm will one day lead to great success; however at this time she has a difficult time following just one path when there are so many interesting options from which to choose.

Conventional life is dull and she is driven to seek excitement. Most often, the Youth of Wands refers to a younger person or teen just learning to spread their wings.


When reversed, the Youth of Wands may be a fast talking con artist only looking out for what she can get without any consideration for anyone else. Even when you know this is her character, her charming words and easy smile make her hard to resist. Make sure you don’t give away anything you value, whether a possession or your heart. 

Woman of Wands




The Woman of Wands is true to her heart’s path, vision and inner self. She is loyal to those she loves but especially to herself and her intuitive feelings. Her feelings are strongly feminine and intuitive, often in the face of opposition. Strong and determined, she follows her own path in life. Resourceful, creative and strong willed, she will not let anyone tell her what to do because she knows exactly what she wants.

The Woman is industrious and clever in business and has a great deal of drive and enthusiasm. She may be somewhat rash but is sympathetic and understanding.  She shows emotion and cares for those around her. Not interested in superficial relationships, she is focused, she does not scatter her energies, and her efforts are constant and undiminishing. Her surroundings are balanced and harmonious. This card provides you with some of the Woman of Wand’s qualities.

Smart and sassy, she flies through life with clever ideas which she loves to use to help those around her. Once you have gained her trust, she is unfailingly loyal and devoted, in friendship as well as love. She loves deeply and passionately and her sense of humor and fun lead to good times. While she doesn't appreciate or tolerate possessive behavior, she needs admiration and a little reassurance to feel truly comfortable.


When reversed, the Woman of Wands can be guilty of making promises she doesn't keep. The same loyalty that makes her a wonderful friend is also present in her less loving moods where she may hold a grudge long after the original offense has been committed. 

Man of Wands




The Man of Wands is a compassionate and energetic leader in the business world whose display of integrity and intelligence inspires those around him. With his high expression of creative imagination, he confidently meets challenges head on as his employees and colleagues look up to him and trust him to make solid and wise decisions.

While he may be somewhat impulsive, the Man of Wands is clear about his identity and his ability to express himself. He is honest and kind, wise and educated. Although he is not always emotionally involved in a situation, he is sympathetic and you can turn to him for help in a crisis.

In love this Man is a genuine romantic, he is passionate and honest, charming and fun. However, although his fiery passionate nature makes him a fascinating partner, he may prefer to play the field and he may not be available for someone who seeks a long-term commitment.

This card provides you with the strength and integrity to believe in yourself and to acknowledge and use your leadership abilities. Allow your creativity to flow in order for new ideas to manifest into something clear and tangible. Those around you, whether friends or colleagues, trust you to make the right decisions.


The reversed Man of Wands is self-centered and impatient. Still a master of the boardroom, he is driven by greed while he steps on anyone to get to the top. Personally, his broad interests and lust for life make him a fun and fascinating partner, just remember this man has no plans for any kind of long-term relationship.