*Artist Bio

*Artist Bio, Marlyn Collins, Jewellery Artisan, Inspiral Creations

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Vancouver, B.C. jewellery artisan Marlyn Collins creator of Inspiral Creations, has been designing jewellery for more than 15 years as a creative outlet to offset an uninspiring office job. Self-taught, Marlyn’s creative journey began as a child when she incorporated salvaged items such as old jewellery, shells and beach glass into her creative projects to create new interesting pieces. The disposable society of our western civilization fuels her desire to recycle and reuse to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Through the years Marlyn has learned many new techniques while working with a variety of media including wire, copper, silver, glass, polymer clay and precious metal clay. Her love of spirals in nature inspired the name ‘Inspiral Creations’. When not hammering and sawing metal, she can be found scouring the beach, yard sales and consignment stores for treasures to include in her designs or photographing nature. Marlyn is an evolving artist, always creating and combining something unique for you to enjoy wearing.