Photographing Nature

Walking in and photographing nature is my stress relief after a long day at work. As I scan my surroundings, Mother Nature surprises me and provides me with many opportunities to photograph her in all her glory.  Recently I came across a very busy spider weaving a web that was more than two feet in diameter. By photographing nature I can share Mother Nature with others.

I used to concern myself with getting a perfect shot, completely in focus, perfectly clear; however, I’m finding out that out of focus is interesting, as are other imperfections in photographs.  Often I find the beautiful Amanita Muscaria in all its red and white glory, definitely a perfect model for a nature photographer.  Although very difficult to shoot, occasionally I manage a photograph of a dragonfly or a butterfly.

These photographs were shot from 2011 to 2016.  Photographs on the right were altered to look old with a wet plate and vintage filters in Photoshop CS6.

Please click on the thumbnails for larger view of photographs.




Photo Quotes

A combination of nature photographs with inspirational quotes.