Sunset Photography

This photography page contains sunset photographs that I shot at at Kits Beach, Crescent Beach and Nanaimo, British Columbia. Most were taken in 2014 on my Panasonic Z200 super zoom camera. One photo was taken on my first digital camera, a Casio Exilim Z40,  in 2009, for a now obsolete camera I really liked the photo. Another was taken in 2010 on my next camera, the Casio Exilim FH20 super zoom. I still use this camera, it takes great close-up shots as well as zoom shots. sunset photographs

Photographs on the right were altered to look old with a wet plate and vintage filters in Photoshop CS6. The photograph taken at Crescent Beach started out as a boring photo that was going to be discarded but instead I altered it in Photoshop. Several filters were used and a variety of other embellishments including the two swans that were not in the original photograph. sunset photographs


Please click on the thumbnails for larger view of photographs.